Key Questions for Decision Support Document

Key Questions

  • Go / No-Go Recommendation

    • Is the recommendation for the Water Fund to proceed to the next phase (Design)?

    • Which considerations are important to bring forward to decision-makers in terms of the physical setting and scope? 

    • What arguments support the recommendation in terms of identified challenges? 

    • What assumptions underlay the recommendation?

  • SWOT Analysis

    • Given the current conditions, what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Water Fund?

  • Conditions

    • What conditions must be met before the Water Fund can proceed? (e.g. conditions related to identified weaknesses and/or threats)

  • Feasibility Considerations


    • What organizations and groups should be involved in the Design Phase?

    • Decision-making: is there an advisory panel that could be convened to help guide this determination of feasibility?


    • What is the current state of knowledge within the project area? 

    • Are there major information gaps that need to be filled before a decision about feasibility can be made?


    • What is the total cost estimate for completing the Design Phase? 

    • As a very high-level ballpark estimate, what is the potential total cost of developing the Water Fund? 

    • Who might value the interventions the Water Fund is proposing?

    • Do conditions necessitate investment into further analysis of stakeholders' willingness to pay? (e.g. for political leverage)


    • Who will design the Water Fund?

    • What considerations related to the implementation of interventions are important to highlight for decision-makers?


    • What is our ‘elevator pitch’ for the Water Fund?

    • Who should the contents of the feasibility documents and its recommendations be shared with?

  • Challenges and potential interventions

    • What are the key challenges the Water Fund will help address?

    • What is the magnitude of those challenges?

    • What interventions might the Water Fund implement to help address those challenges?