Legal aspects of launching a Water Fund

Qualified experts should be retained to ensure a Water Fund is legally constituted prior to holding a public launch event.

What are the key questions that should be addressed when launching a Water Fund?

At a minimum, this step for launching a water fund will seek to address the following questions (note: some questions may have already been answered in the Design Phase):

  • What steps need to be taken to ensure the Water Fund is legally constituted?
  • Who will define who may sit on the initial Board of Directors and the rotation period? (i.e. typically defined in the governance and legal design of the feasibility study)
  • What conditions will be included in the legal document for creation?
  • What manuals and procedures will guide the operation of the Water Fund?

The exact legal procedures that will need to be followed to legally create a water fund will vary depending on the country and/or state. TNC and one of its legal partners, Morrison and Foerster, have compiled a series of concise guidance documents to help others in conducting these analyses, which can be accessed below.

Legal Aspects of Launch