Phase 3

Step 3.03 , Operational Management Readiness


Systems, resources and staff are sufficiently in place to begin Water Fund operations.

Key Ideas

A Water Fund team should be established specifically for implementation to ensure that there is a technical body to guide the implementation of interventions and to execute the directives of the Board of Directors. 

  • What is a Water Fund team for implementation?

    The Water Fund team for implementation is the technical body responsible for executing the directives of the Board of Directors. It is typically responsible for managing the implementation of specific interventions, leveraging additional resources, and supervising the operations of a Water Fund.
  • What is the role of the Water Fund team for implementation?

    While the specific responsibilities of the Water Fund team are typically defined during the Design Phase of each water fund (i.e. when the governance model is developed), the core responsibility of the Water Fund team is to support and coordinate the implementation of the long-term strategy. This support and coordination role will vary depending on the selected implementation model, but in all cases this technical body is important for ensuring that the Water Fund is operating efficiently, effectively, and adapting to changing circumstances (e.g. new learning through monitoring, changes in revenue, etc.).
  • When should the Water Fund team for implementation be established?

    The timing for the establishment of this particular Water Fund team will vary between Water Funds. The anticipated role and timing for the creation of this team should be discussed early in the project cycle. In some cases, the Water Fund team may naturally emerge from the Steering Committee established under the first step of the Project Cycle and begin to operate in the Design Phase. In other cases, this team may be established as a specific body that is appointed by the Board of Directors (e.g. as a Technical Secretariat). In all cases, its members should be identified and confirmed via formal processes to ensure governance is proceeding in a democratic and transparent manner. Ideally, the document that is signed at the creation of the Water Fund has already established the roles and responsibilities.
  • What is the Water Fund team for implementation?

    Listen to Silvia Benitez from TNC describe who the typical Water Fund team is for the Implementation Phase

  • What is a Technical Secretariat?

    Listen to Alejandro Calvache from TNC describe key ideas behind a Technical Secretariat

At least 3 distinct implementation models have been applied in Water Funds:

  1. The Grant Model

    The design and implementation of conservation is carried out by a third party.

  2. The Outsource Model

    The design of interventions are done by Water Funds staff, but implementation of interventions is carried out by a third party.

  3. The Agency Model

    Both the design AND implementation of interventions is done by Water Funds staff.

Illustration of common Water Fund implementation models © TNC