Phase 2

Step 2.04.02 , Formulating Interventions

The purpose of formulating interventions is to conceptualize the portfolio of interventions, associated targets, and resource requirements for the Water Fund.

Avg. Time Frame
Minimum of 1 Month

Key Ideas

  • Objectives

    • Formulate interventions
    • Identify steps for each intervention
    • Align interventions with water strategies and actions
    • Determine targets/outcomes for each intervention
    • Ultimately use this and other information to establish Objectives and Goals for the Water Fund’s broad areas of action
  • Deliverables

    • Completed intervention framework sheets
    • Completed Resources Workbook
  • Skills and Capabilities Required

    The core staff of the Water Funds team (WF Director) and the financial analyst.  

  • Process

    1. Formulate interventions 

    2. Develop result chains (steps for each intervention) 

    3. Verify intervention alignment with mission and vision 

    4. Set targets 

    5. Estimate resource needs/cash flow requirements 

    6. Finalize Water Fund Objectives and Goals

  • Duration

    Minimum of 1 month. Will range depending on availability of information, risk tolerance of the Board/Water Fund team, and other factors. It is an intensive and iterative process and that should include preparation, multiple working sessions with the team which will include efforts to determine resource needs (e.g. funding) and the Water Fund associated cash flow requirements.


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