Phase 2

Step 2.04.03 , Supporting Interventions

The purpose of supporting interventions is to: 1) establish engagement plans per stakeholder category and high-level protocols for communications, 2) create a plan to secure resources (i.e., fundraising/financing), and 3) to develop a 5-year roadmap to track milestone progress toward the Water Fund goals.

Avg. Time Frame
1.5 - 2 Months

Key Ideas

  • Objectives

    • Understand the critical nature of ongoing stakeholder engagement
    • Categorize stakeholders
    • Understand stakeholder support required and/or associated considerations in relation to the Water Funds areas of action
    • Form broad communication plans and tactics
    • Identify sources of funding
    • Prioritize pursuit of funds from donors and investors
    • Determine milestones for tracking progress a 5-year period towards achievement of the Water Fund’s goals
  • Deliverables

    • Engagement concepts for targeted stakeholder groups
    • Fundraising targets
    • 5-year Roadmap for Water Fund: with milestones to monitor progress towards goals
  • Skills and Capabilities Required

    Water Fund Director and Board, Communications/Public Relations and marketing expertise, and Financial specialist, Operations expertise.

  • Process

    1. Develop Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategy

    2. Identify Finance needs (e.g. Business Cases, Long-Term Finance Strategy)

    3. Develop Fundraising Strategy

    4. Develop roadmap


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