Phase 5

Step 5.00 , Maturity

Overview of the Maturity Phase


What is the reason this Phase needs to be done?

Assure long term viability of the Water Fund to create lasting and significant impact that positively contributes to water security.


What specific results do we aim to achieve?

  • Secured long-term financing and achieved favorable conditions for the Fund and its contributions to water security, including being integrated into the area’s water policy/legal framework
  • Fund is capable of efficiently/effectively delivering the desired Impact over the long term
  • Monitoring and measuring progress/impacts systematically, allowing for continual improvement
  • Society has recognized the positive impact of the Fund helping to assure its longevity


What are the tangible products resulting from this work?

  • Significant Percentage of Longer Term Financing Committed – Summarized and document in reports, agreements, etc.
  • Routine Report Documenting Water Fund’s Ongoing Impacts – Against defined Water Security objectives
  • Influence Demonstrated – As a defined stakeholder or formal participant in the area’s relevant water governance body(ies)
  • Positive Public Perception Demonstrated – Via monitoring of public opinion regarding the positive contributions of the Water Fund.