Explore a sample of the different topics presented by members of the global Water Funds Network (WFN)

  • WF Training & Toolbox

    Watch this webinar to learn more about the WF training and lessons learned from applying it.

    Access Training
  • ROI & Economic Analysis for Water Funds

    This WFN Webinar gives members and colleagues an overview of what TNC’s global water funds team has been working on in regard to Return on Investment (ROI) and Economic Analyses of Nature-based Solutions for Water Security.

    Economic & Financial Analysis
  • Soils & Water Funds: New Methods for Linking Water, Climate, and Food

    Restoring soil health increases water infiltration and reduces erosion, both of which are essential parts of the Water Funds mission. In addition, restoring soil health removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and increases the fertility of soil for food production. Soils, therefore, represent an important opportunity to link Water Funds activities and outcomes with other key conservation and human objectives.

    The Role of Soil
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Programs

    Watch this WFN webinar to learn more about monitoring costs, best practices, and data management.

    Water Funds Monitoring Primer
  • Stakeholder Analysis

    Learn how stakeholders were identified in the 3 different WFs in USA, South Africa, and Guatemala.

    Stakeholder Mapping Tool
  • Corporate Engagement in Water Funds

    This Water Funds Network (WFN) webinar by TNC provides information on best practices with engaging companies in water funds, including case studies, global trends (e.g., context-based water targets), and resources available (e.g., replenishment protocols, corporate engagement trainings).

    Principles of Corp. Engagement
  • WF Policy & Governance - tools and approaches

    This Water Funds Network (WFN) webinar provides a briefing of new policy frameworks and tools designed towards long term sustainability of water funds and source water protection implementation & investments. It's a sample of the frameworks, tools, and projects when it comes to water fund policy & governance.

    Methods: Legal & Institutional

If you would like access to ALL the Water Funds Network (WFN) webinars that have been recorded over the past 5 years (covering multiple topics such as WF methodology, case studies, best practices, etc.), or if you are interested in attending future webinars, simply join our WF community here. If you have any questions, please contact the WFN Manager, Emily Simmons (esimmons@tnc.org).