Webinars - Water Funds for Africa Network

Explore different topics presented by members of the Water Funds for Africa Network.

  • Celebrating New Iniatives in Mombasa, Sebou and Sierra Leone

    This Webinar will provide information on progress of the three Water Funds under development in Africa( water security issues, nature based solutions under exploration and the targeted stakeholders.)

  • Financing and Fundraising for Water Funds in Africa

    Join us to hear about experiences and best practices learned when it comes to financing and fundraising for water funds. Presentations will include examples from North Africa, South Africa, and East Africa.

  • Africa Water Funds Strategy and iconic basins

    This Webinar will provide information about TNC Africa’s Source Water Protection Strategy, how it aligns with the Global Water Funds Strategy, which aims to mainstream the water supply sector’s investment in natural infrastructure across source watersheds.

  • Emerging Water Funds and Lessons Learnt Webinar

    This WFAN Webinar will give you a sample of the experiences that emerging water funds in Africa have encountered.

  • Meaningful data collection in Source Water Protection

    Monitoring and evaluation in source water protection play a critical role in informing project progress and adaptive management. This webinar aims to provide WFAN members with new insights about how water funds are effectively collecting data, analyzing and quantifying results while leveraging new technologies. Case studies from the Greater Cape Town Water Fund and the Upper Tana Nairobi Water Fund will be shared.

  • Monitoring 101 Webinar

    Join this WFAN webinar to learn more about monitoring tools, best practices, and data management for natural-based solutions to build resilient watersheds. Presentations will include examples from the Sebou Water Fund and the Greater Cape Town Water Fund.

  • Sustainable Financing for Water Funds in Africa.

    Join us to learn about innovative ways and best practices in sourcing finances for water funds. Presentations will include examples from the Greater Cape Town Water Fund, the Western Area Peninsula Water Fund, and the Eldoret-Iten Water Fund.

  • Finding value in collaboration

    Online lunch-to-lunch seminar on Public Private Partnerships and how to use these tools for Source Water Protection

  • Africa Source Water Protection Seminar - Road to Dakar

    A virtual seminar on water security and source water protection investment in Africa

  • Water Funds Maturity Celebration

    A celebration of Mature Water Funds globally

  • Water-smart agricultural practices in source watersheds

    The webinar will include a presentation on the Water Benefits Calculator (WBC) which is a scientifically robust, yet simple, software tool that uses Ethiopian climate, soil, land management, and natural resources management intervention data to predict soil erosion, water runoff, infiltration, groundwater recharge, and evapotranspiration and a case by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) on enhancing rainfed agricultural systems in the Zambezi watercourse.

  • Water Funds toolbox_Lessons learnt and trainings

    This Webinar provided information about the structure of the water Funds toolbox, the importance of the tools, and how best to use the tools. The webinar will also give an insight into the water funds through face-to-face training/ workshops and the lessons learned by the participants.

  • Water Funds and Leadership in Africa Webinar

    Learn how leadership can influence the development and success of Water Funds in Africa. Presentations will include examples from the Greater Cape Town Water Fund and the Upper Tana Nairobi Water Fund Trust.

  • Why taking care of Water Sources is Everyone’s Business Webinar

    The Western Area Peninsula’s forests are essential in supplying water and in maintaining water quality. Forests serve as natural water collection, filtration, and delivery systems. Forested catchments in the Western Area Peninsula National Park (WAPNP) provide about 90% of Freetown’s water supply. The Peninsula’s forests also mitigate landslides by stabilizing soil and providing flood control services by absorbing and holding vast amounts of water from major rain events, such as those increasingly seen with climate change. The vision for the Western Area Peninsula Water Fund (WAPWF) is a restored national park that sustainably provides biodiversity and clean water benefits to the Greater Freetown Area. The Water Fund’s mission is to protect and restore the watersheds within the WAPNP so that they can supply the quantity and quality of water needed for all users in the Greater Freetown Area while improving the livelihoods of the people in the watershed, conserving the area’s rich biodiversity, and reducing risks.