How can I learn more?

How can I learn more about forming and organizing my Water Fund?

There are a number of resources available providing more information on forming or organizing a water fund:

  1. Government Websites

    The secretaries of state and departments of corporations in most U.S. states typically publish their corporate laws as well as provide further resources for those considering forming an entity on the state’s websites. It is likely that many non-U.S. jurisdictions will similarly publish or make available their corporate laws on a public website.

  2. NOLO

    Nolo is a publisher that provides information for lay people on a variety of U.S. legal subjects, including forming a new entity or business, as well as standard legal forms. Nolo can be consulted to learn more about the laws applicable to entities in different U.S. jurisdictions. Nolo can also be consulted form forms of organizational documents necessary to establish an entity.

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  3. Practical Law Company (“PLC:”)

    PLC is subscription service online resource that provides information on a variety of legal subjects as well as standard form documents that can be used by people establishing a new entity. PLC provides more detailed information than NOLO, but has less free content. PLC also provides information on the corporate laws of a number of non-U.S. jurisdictions as well as helpful tools such as checklists that outline in great detail the steps that one must take and the issues to be considered to form a new entity in a variety of jurisdictions around the world.

  4. Local Lawyers

    A lawyer located in the jurisdiction in which a water fund might be formed is another great resource. In almost all cases, it will make sense to consult a local lawyer to learn more about the corporate laws of a particular jurisdiction as well as receive assistance on forming the entity.

  5. Local Tax Advisors

    A local accountant or tax advisor in the jurisdiction in which a water fund is to be formed is another valuable resource. Tax considerations frequently drive the choice of entity for a water fund as well as the choice of jurisdiction. Consulting a person knowledgeable in the tax laws applicable in certain jurisdiction is strongly recommended.