Phase 1

Step 1.01 , Eligibility Screening


To test eligibility by quickly and efficiently determining if there are water security challenges and a potential for a Water Fund to help.

Avg. Time Frame
3-4 weeks

Key Ideas

An Eligibility Screening helps to determine if a Water Fund could help improve water security in the study area. This is a critical check to complete before investing further in the Feasibility Phase.

  • Use existing data

    An Eligibility Screening should utilize existing data and studies, where available.
  • Engage existing efforts that hold similar goals

    Any existing efforts that hold similar goals to what the team anticipates the Water Fund would seek to achieve should be engaged early to explore opportunities to collaborate, or at a minimum, avoid competition.
  • Conduct an expert visit

    Conduct a visit by experts to the country/city to meet with key stakeholders (e.g. Ministry of the Environment/Water Agency, Water Utility, Private Sector, Academic sector) to evaluate enabling conditions for a Water Fund. This should not be an extensive engagement effort. For instance, this may simply be a series of meetings with 4-6 people.
  • Clearly define the water security problem(s)

    A clear definition of the water security problem(s) that a Water Fund might help contribute to resolving is a key outcome of an Eligibility Screening (e.g. current causes of water treatment plant shutdowns or an anticipated cause of shutdowns, such as increased sediment loadings, etc.). A checklist is provided below to help define these problems in the 5 dimensions of water security.
  • Document results

    The results of the Eligibility Screening should be documented for decision-makers (e.g. in the provided checklist).
  • Make a Go/No-Go Decision: determine if the Water Fund should proceed

    A Go / No-Go Decision should be made based on the results of the Eligibility Screening to determine if further investments should be made in assessing the Water Fund's feasibility.

Eligibility Screening Checklist

The Checklist provides an overview of key elements for each Water Security Dimension and a description of their respective current status or results.