Phase 4

Step 4.00 , Operation

Overview of the Operation Phase


What is the reason this Phase needs to be done?

The Operation Phase is undertaken to establish stability, specifically by developing and implementing a comprehensive work plan which will guide the following: (1) systematic execution of activities, (2) measurement and evaluation of activities, (3) communication of progress (towards previously defined objectives for the Water Fund); and (4) the continuous improvement of Water Fund operations through adaptive management and innovative approaches.


What specific results do we aim to achieve?

  • Annual planning cycle (aligned w/Strategic Plan) in place.
  • Ongoing intervention implementation with activity and impact realization measured and plans being developed for future projects.
  • Long-term strategy developed (an evolved version of the Strategic Plan) and programs launched to help create a vision of water security in the region.  This will help the Fund: 
    1. further establish its role in contributing to water security; 
    2. secure long term, sustainable financing to support these efforts; and 
    3. to be integrated into the area’s water policy/legal framework.
  • Routine review and communication of results conducted signaling efficient/effective operations and governance including application of corrective actions as needed.


What are the tangible products resulting from this work?

  • Annual Operating Plan – Addressing technical, marketing and communication, stakeholder, fundraising, administration, audit and assurance and improvement, innovation and planning aspects of operating the Fund.
  • Periodic Progress Reports – For finance, operations, key impact indicators, key activity indicators (and other KPIs) including information about appropriate corrective actions, building internal and external trust.
  • Updated Strategic Plan Evolving To Maturity Plan – Evolve the Water Fund's Strategic Plan into a Maturity Plan, ensuring long-term viability of technical, governance, social acceptance and financial aspects (including the case for achieving long-term financing) of the Water Fund.


What conditions must be satisfied to move forward?

  • Capable of independency – has resources (time, talent and money) to operate plus the Water Fund is able to secure a significant percentage of its longer term financing.
  • Capable of providing evidence (data/measurements/reports) that ongoing interventions are delivering the desired impacts at scale in alignment with the Fund’s objectives and the region’s long term security vision.