Phase 4

Step 4.02 , Reporting


The purpose of the Reporting step is to communicate key results (e.g. conservation and socioeconomic benefits), provide updates on planned activities, and/or detail the financial status of the Water Fund. Reporting is a critical step in ensuring that all stakeholders remain engaged and that transparency in the ongoing operations of the Water Fund is maintained.

Key Ideas

Key ideas related to reporting are outlined below:

  • How frequently should reporting occur?

    ​​Reporting to relevant parties should be conducted at a frequency that is deemed appropriate by the project team and Board of Directors. ​

What are they key questions that should be answered to define reporting requirements?

At a minimum, defining reporting requirements will seek to address the following questions:

  • What stakeholders should receive information on the water fund's key results?
  • What are the key results that need to be communicated to those stakeholders?
  • Through what means should those results be communicated?
  • How often should results be communicated?


The following reports from water funds have been provided as examples of what reporting may entail for a Water Fund.

North America: