Bogota Water Fund

Chingaza National Park

Chingaza National Park

© Ana Guzman/TNC

Bogota’s demand for clean water has been growing for decades, with a current population of 8 million.

Most of Bogota’s water comes from Chingaza National Park. There, forests and Neotropical alpine grasslands known as Páramos feed and protect the city’s main watershed, including tributaries and finally the water that flows through Bogota’s plumbing.

Chingaza, and the watersheds of Tunjuelo and Tibitoc that complete the water supply system for Bogota, require additional funding for water protection with a balance public and private participation to increase impacts and  improve water governance.  

Forest and Páramo degradation and clearing for cattle ranching and farming occurs inside and in the buffers zones of the park, which means pressure over the water (quality, flows) flowing to Bogota.