Chiapas - Soil & Water Study

INIFAP extension agent Walter Lopez supporting farmers in Chiapas with training on conservation agriculture. © Celia Pigueron Wirz

The Implementation and Benefits of Soil Restoration, Conservation and Agroforestry in Chiapas, Mexico

"Like many of the places where The Nature Conservancy works, Chiapas, Mexico is a biodiversity hotspot under threat: as the fertility of existing agricultural lands decreases, the agricultural sector expands into bordering forests."

Read the full "Agriculture Can Be a Solution for Deforestation in Chiapas, Mexico" article on The Nature Conservancy's Cool Green Science Blog site here.


Available in English & Spanish (disponible en inglés y español)

FACTSHEET: Soil Restoration in Chiapas, Mexico

FACTSHEET: Implementing Agroforestry Systems to Restore Degraded Soils

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