Phase 2

Step 2.04.01 , Clarifying the Challenge

The purpose of Clarifying the Challenge is to be clear on: 1) how to define the challenges the Water Fund is going to help address, 2) what success looks like and how the Water Fund contributes to that success, 3) how to identify the risks and obstacles and how they can be mitigated/navigated, and 4) how to formulate the Water Fund’s strategy, objectives, and 5-year goals by tangible actions the Water Fund will conduct.

Key Ideas

  • Objectives

    • Establish a foundation of a go-forward plan
    • Clearly defining the water security challenge(s) before framing solutions (opposed to framing solutions without clear statements about the challenges)
    • Clarify what success looks like (i.e., vision of water security in the region) and how the Water Fund helps create that security (i.e., Water Fund’s mission)
    • Identify potential risks to the Water Fund’s success and how to mitigate
    • Form the Water Fund’s strategy and actions
  • Deliverables

    • Challenge statements
    • Vision Statement
    • Water Fund Mission Statement
    • Risks and mitigation measures
    • Water Fund strategy and broad areas of action
  • Skills and Capabilities Required

    The entire Water Fund team should participate in this part of the process (see overarching considerations > team and skills). The process should be facilitated and led by the Water Fund Director and ratified by the Water Fund Board. 

  • Process

    1. Identify challenges 

    2. Define Vision and Mission 

    3. Identify risks and mitigation strategies

    4. Develop strategy approach around Areas of Action

  • Duration

    1 month or more (dependent on Water Fund history, complexity of challenges, etc.)


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